One of the rooms we have just finished.

Twin Room Make over

By Cyndia Hilliger on

So we are finally getting to our twin rooms for a long overdue makeover. They deserve it as they work very hard! We still have our comfy beds, but we are modernizing the colour scheme a tad, and sprucing up the bathrooms and kitchenette areas. Definitely got a bit more of a beachy vibe.


My Big Beautiful Boardwalk

By Cyndia Hilliger on

Well it’s not actually MY boardwalk, it was built by The Waratah Wynyard Council and is looking rather spiffy I think. You can cruise along soaking in the river views and marine atmosphere. They have used recycled materials for the planking, which is noise friendly as well. Come and check it out!

Safety fencing

Boardwalk Shenanigans!

By Cyndia Hilliger on

Finally, a beautiful boardwalk will be constructed along the front of the motel and coastal pods in the coming months.  The old brick wall that has been unsafe for some time now will be coming down and in its place a lovely walk way for our guests and locals to use and enjoy this lovely …

The Dark Side of Chocolate

By Cyndia Hilliger on

OK Get ready to book a trip to Wynyard Tasmania, because we have just taken possession of the ‘world’s rarest chocolate’ .  Anvers Chocolate have sourced and produced a new organic Peruvian Pure Nacional Dark Chocolate- Fortunato No. 4 made from  the world’s rarest chocolate and a direct descendant of the original mother cacao tree. …

Girls' night out

Ladies night at the flicks!

By Cyndia Hilliger on

Staff night out to see Baz Luhrman’s latest offering, The Great Gatsby. we all agreed the costumes were amazing and the story was captivating!   Thinking we might have to update the housekeepers uniforms soon, maybe flapper style!. And yes, we love our choc tops!

Sunrise views at the waterfront wynyard

The glory of a winter’s morn

By Cyndia Hilliger on

The sunrises this week have been stunningly beautiful.  Something about the crisp winter air kissing the warm sea waters seems to imbue a palette of gorgeous morning hues.  If only I was brave enough to take a dip!      


The Challenge of Winter

By Cyndia Hilliger on

Winter is a challenge in this business. No two ways about it. Any business has its ups and downs, to be sure, but hospitality it seems particularly succumbs. The trick is to review constantly what you do, and how you do it. For instance. We shut our restaurant about a year ago. People had slowed …

Guest Lounge details

Winter finally here!

By Cyndia Hilliger on

Hello to all my readers out there- hello? Hello? Is there anybody out there? Well, okay maybe not that many just yet, but bear with me on my ponderings… helps keep me sane! Winter has finally arrived in Tassie! Its has been the warmest Autumn I have experienced here and frankly, I was beginning to …

Spritely Austin Healeys

By Cyndia Hilliger on

What a treat! To see several beautifully restored MGs and Austin Healey sprites parked out the front of the motel. From a previous visit from an MG car club group, we had a couple of members decide to bring the Austin Healey Sprite group along to our lovely spot.   Sadly the weather was a …

Sunnyside Up Gardening

By Cyndia Hilliger on

Well, after a fairly busy breakfast, I’m not sure what really possessed me, but I decided to tackle the spot that I had been eyeing off for some time as a new sunflower garden.    The poor unloved piece of earth, right behind room 12 and 11, was crying out for some lovin’, and now …