• Justin – Head Honcho – into boats and trains and pygmy otters
  • Cyndia – Top Banana – with a penchant for studying the human brain!
  • Andy – Housekeeper – Would like to travel to the moon one day (time permitting)
  • Janelle – Housekeeper – has been with us awhile as well and races Peruvian guinea pigs in her spare time
  • Karen A – Housekeeper – has been here for ages- Is writing a book on great travel escalators of the world.
  • Melissa – Senior Receptionist – Sales and marketing – into breeding intelligent chickens that can be used for basic data entry
  • Rheanna – Trainee Receptionist/Food and Beverage guru – Resident clever clogs and is working on her extensive paperclip collection
  • Lorna – Chief Cook – Can cook up a storm! She also has a very fine collection of fridge magnets which arranges in various fashions.
  • Peta – Housekeeper – is creating the world’s largest Disney figurine collection – may need a bigger apartment soon!
  • Sally – Housekeeper – Likes juggling various objects in the room simultaneously- very talented lady!
  • Meredith – Receptionist/ Food and BEverage guru – Our newest team member, spends her spare time knitting socks for goats in Iceland
  • Mollie – Canine Guest Relations Manager – Woof

Our Reception Staff